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The City of Tshwane’s supplier development programme, the GREEN PITCH, requires an innovative approach to mainstream sustainability into the City’s operations and sustainable service delivery with impactful outcomes for all stakeholders.


The GREEN PITCH intends to enable key supplier and SME capacity building to enhance the City of Tshwane’s value chain performance in the green and inclusive growth economy.


The programme will showcase creativity and design thinking of key suppliers and SMEs in Tshwane, and in doing so bridge the gap between formal industry and entrepreneurs, the key emerging economy in Africa.


GREEN PITCHparticipants will have to measure up to a robust Six Capitals Net Positive Contribution Scorecard for sustainable service delivery, demonstrating their net positive impact on their communities, ecology and the economy.


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This is your chance to be recognised as a key supplier and SME of sustainable (Net-Positive Impact) goods and services.

Key supplier success:
– Key supplier database registration
– Enhancing market access
– Linking supply to demand
– Enhancing innovative supply
– Capacity and funding to scale investment

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The City of Tshwane is committed to drive the sustainable procurement programme and is pledging support to key suppliers that demonstrates:


  • Sustainability supply business cases and technology
  • SME integration into the formal value chain by developing local markets for sustainable goods and services
  • Awareness of the environmental footprint and social impact


Entrants have to respond to: City of Tshwane Demand Statement  in the context of MMC for Finance’s Sustainable Procurement Brief. Follow the link below to download.


Finalists to be announced in September 2018. The top ten finalists will have the unique opportunity to take part in a one-month Sustainable Value Chain Performance Boot Camp, including mentoring sessions with top industry thought leaders and sharing practical toolkits for step change!

Final pitches will take place at the Council Chambers in Tshwane House in September.

Key City of Tshwane suppliers and SME’s will be engaging with an impactful panel of specialist judges, including African Sustainable Development Association (A-SDA), City of Tshwane (City Sustainability, Supply Chain Management, Local Economic Development and Trade and Investment), National Cleaner Production Centre (NCPC), The Innovation Hub -Climate Innovation Centre.

Are you ready to become a trusted partner of the City of Tshwane?

GREEN PITCH is your opportunity to enhance your business competitiveness and present your differentiated value proposition at the 2018 City of Tshwane GREEN PITCH Innovation Platform.

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