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All the business services we offer are aimed at supporting a balanced portfolio, authentic stakeholder communication and value chain resilience for inclusive and green growth.

We us a Resilient Business Performance Model to optimise return for all stakeholders in the value chain. Through the services we offer, we always ensure that this model is used to guide actions and strategies, be it a communication strategy, a stakeholder engagement event, a business strategy or a transformation programme.

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Value Chain Resilience:

Business Transformation (TRF) e.g. Sustainable Procurement & ESD
Value chain design

Program Management:

Cross Functional Facilitation Co-create NEW Cross Industry Partnerships Co-create NEW ISCP’s Risk Management

Tech Transfer & Enablement

Digital Clean Tech (RECP) Sustainable Operations (SUSOP)


Stakeholder Mapping & Engagement

Communication Strategy & Deployment

Change Management Strategy

Ecosystem Events e.g. African Sustainability Summit, Green Pitch, Technical Deep Dives

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