James Durno Mural

The A-SDA has its roots in the African Sustainability Summit that boasts a six year track record.


The organisation matured from the structure of the Summit Wisdom Board to offer a host of services, benefits and an active, dynamic ecosystem.


Step changing Africa to be the continent of choice


Grow a collaborative PPP ecosystem with the focus of implementing step-change projects

towards sustainable and inclusive development in South Africa and Africa, through our:

·       Ecosystem management

·       Sustainable Development Projects

·       Academy

·       Deal-making platform and readiness reviews

·       Project funding

·       Business Services 


A-SDA aims to equip South African and African corporate business to partner with local SMEs to be globally competitive and enhance their value chain performance by:

  • Balancing supply and demand (sustainable long-term partnerships)
  • De-risking supply chain (Instilling a culture of trust and transparency),
  • Increasing competitiveness (operational efficiencies, quality, profitability, volumes, capacity building, access to markets and finance, etc.)
  • Leading industry transition to sustainable and inclusive growth (collaborative implementation)
  • Creating Shared Value




Vision Mission