When you become an A-SDA member you immediately become part of an ecosystem with a six year legacy; a cross-industry, quatro-helix network of like-minded individuals and companies all working towards sustainable business development on different levels and industries. You will have access to thought leadership and collaborative projects that is aimed at making a net positive impact.



  • 10% discount on all ASDA Business Services (Including: Communication, Innovation, Strategy, Value Chain, Resilient Value Chain Rapid Review, Resource Efficiency, Green Skills)
  • Access to the AfricaPace Business Portal connecting value chains, funding and more
  • All SME’s that join up will be eligible for a FREE SME Competitive Business Programme offered in partnership with the GRI. This will step-change their development into corporate ESD programmes
  • Access to ESD development and programmes
  • Tickets to annual networking and thought leadership events
  • Special offers on research & though leadership reports and products
  • Access to vetted entrepreneurs and SME’s




Corporate:                                    R 150 000

SME:                                              R   75 000

NGO/NPC:                                    R    7 500

Start-Up and Individual:            R     2 500


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To confirm your membership type and complete the process, please fill in the Membership Application Form.

Join our vibrant impact ecosystem and benefit from 7 years of active network establishment, collaborative projects and though leadership.

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